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Truyện I Dare You...too Love Me.
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I dare you...too love me. (A One Direction fan fic) - The beginning. (p.1 of 5)
*** AUTHORS NOTE; If you like the story vote and fan me. It would mean alot. I'm new at this whole writing thing, so I'm sorry if it totally sucks. I tried. Thanks bunches. xoxo***


I stepped outside, pulling my jacket closer around me as the wind whipped my hair. I swear, the weather here was bipolar, it could be hot one day and freezing the next. Sighing, I pulled out a cigarette, and lit it. Smoking; That's one of my bad habits. I only do it when I need to relax though, which lately seemed to be all the time. I had just gotten off work from my job at a dress shop (It had been the only place hiring then, don't judge) and frankly, I was exhausted. All those screaming little girls buying dresses for prom or a party or (the worst one yet) the One Direction concert.

Don't get me wrong, I liked One Direction. I had all their songs on my phone but girls just freaked out so much over them, it was really annoying. Oh Harry have my babies. Louis, marry me. Zayns gonna be my boyfriend, blah blah blah. Thats all i'd heard all day. Yeah, becouse just about grown men are definitely gonna be interested in a screaming thirteen year old girl (note the sarcasm).

God, The shop just smelled of desperation. That was one reason I took up and extra shift today, instead of going to the concert myself. Being surrounded by twelve year old girls, screaming about how bad they wanted to sleep with The boys from the band, was just something I did not want any part in.
truyện I dare you...too love me.
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